Mine by The Sleepers

The latest video for The Sleepers leaves me with very few words, so I won’t even bother. Craig Ferguson photographed, edited, produced and directed this gem and obviously the music by The Sleepers.

Well done guys!

SLEEPERS-MINE-HD from Craig Ferguson on Vimeo.

Motion City Films for Red Huxley ‘My Own Way’

Great video by Motion City Films for Red Huxley.

Sons of Settlers music video plus ‘behind the scenes’ shoot

Behind the scenes shoot by boom.fm below.

Yes Sir! Mister Machine - Cold Rush Song video

One of my favourite bands in Cape Town, Yes Sir! Mister Machine, just released the music video for ‘Cold Rush Song’ and I can’t help but feel left out.

On the 28th of April 2012, a group of creatives came together to make a stand against not only the stagnation of their own tiny underground in a city at the bottom of Africa, but also as a reminder that a little passion can go a long way. This music video documents that experience.

I should be in that video too. I feel the same way. I thought…. Ok, I’ll stop now.

The poster for the Opposites Attract gig with Beach Party is going up on the blog soon, so make sure to check back in. Also their 3 song EP is available for free here.

Chloe Coetsee for Desmond and the Tutus - Tattoo

One of our favourite bands in South Africa just released their music video for Tattoo, from the soon to be released album MNUSIC. Directed by Chloe Coetsee, and already splashed all over the interweb, we thought we might as well drop it here.

Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud for Jack White ‘Triple Decker Poster’

This is too cool, although I don’t know how you would display it. Framing it, you would lose the playful effect and bottom level details but with only 75 made I won’t leave it laying around for people to play with.

This is obviously not South African but I could not let it slide by without showing you the process video, but please go to this website to slide the posters over each other and get the full effect.

The bottom black poster is etched out of wood and then letterpressed, the second white layer and the final blue layer is lasercut and together they create this poster. Awesome.

boom.fm documentary

Nice work by boom.fm on the three part documentary discussing the state of the music scene in SA. Hopefully some eyes are opened to the opportunities that exists within music and the dedication it takes to make something happen.

If you are a band and have not yet signed up on the boom.fm website, be sure to do so. Their Mxit gig guide is creating a major buzz and the smartphone app is not too far away I hear.

Taxi Violence - Unholy by Jason Fialkov of Egg Films

The new music video for Taxi Violence is causing quite a stir, and rightfully so.

The video for “Unholy” from their recently released acoustic album “Unplugged: Long Way From Home” features the lovely Tanit Phoenix, and was directed by Jason Fialkov of Egg Films and edited by Lucian Barnard of Aces Up Post Production.

Good work all involved.

The Poster Show logo process by DKNG

Although not South African, we love DKNG Studios process videos so much we just had to share this with you, remember the Explosions In The Sky poster Process video? Yes, those guys.

This time they create a font for The Poster Show. Enjoy.

The Poster Show 2012 - Logo Process from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.

Lark - Stole The Moon

Directed by Dave Meinert, the new Lark video, Stole The Moon, is another masterpiece. It seems that anything this band touches turns to gold. Inge Beckmann, lead singer, had to learn the song backwards - As if the song it self isn’t crazy enough. As always we keep it short here on Social Contract and let the work of the artists featured speak for itself. So a last big up to director Dave Meinert and his team for putting this together and congrats to Lark on another epic track. Here it is.

Little Brother by The Tallest Man on Earth at CTICC Cape Town

Just found this video on Youtube and it gave me goosebumps again. Kristian Matsson decided to grace us with a new song on the night and someone was kind enough to share the video on the web.

If you missed the gig, you really missed out in a big way. Again, thank you Your Friends for a beautiful night.

Video Thursday No.13

This week we feature something different. Its a short film entitled Syndromes by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter. This interesting take on sci-fi also includes an awesome score and sound design. Thirteen minutes well worth watching.

SYNDROMES - a short film by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

Video Thursday No.12

Stumbled onto this awesome process video by DKNG Studios for Expolsions In The Sky. The video starts with hand drawn artwork right through to the Photoshop editing. It is truly spectacular.

Find more of their process videos here, but don’t expect the same awesomeness.

This video was also shared by BFamiliar a few days ago. Check them out.

Video Thursday No.11

After watching Back & Forth, the new Foo Fighters documentary I realized how much I love this band. Dave Groll is a rock & roll legend. He took the band from a tape cassette to a sold out show at Wembly Stadium in a few years - respect! So to celebrate the Foo, here is their latest video Walk from the album Wasting Light.

Video Thursday No.10

Today we celebrate the birthday of Stephan Steyn (founder of Social Contract) with an oldie, but a goodie - The Get Up Kids with Action and Action. Happy birthday dude - even though it was yesterday hehe.

Video Thursday No.9

Whilst cruising the web I stumbled upon these guys, well guy and girl. They call themselves Zim and Zou, a little design agency based in Nancy, France. The duo explores a myriad of mediums including paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration, and web design. On their site - which should be checked out - they featured this neat little video clip of what they can do with paper.

Check it out.

Back to Basics - Behind the scene from Zim and Zou on Vimeo.

Here are some pics as well.

Video Thursday No.8

Seeing that its Spring day we’d like to bring you something fresh. Today we feature the first ever Grammy nominated stop frame music video by artist Oren Lavie. The song title is “Her Morning Elegance” from the album The Opposite Side of the Sea. This video is breathtaking and will inspire on site. There’s no point in rambling on about how great it is, so please just watch it.

Here it is.

Video Thursday No.7

If you like real Rock & Roll and you’ve been out to your local gig venue, you know Taxi Violence aka Rock out with your cock out!!! Today we bring you their latest video off their new Unpluged album Long Way From Home, directed and produced by Murg Film Design. The song is rad, the sound is rad and the video is, wait for it, RAD.

Sit back and enjoy Taxi Violence - Long Way From Home.

Video Thursday No.6

Today we bring you some talent from over the waters, Brooklyn NY to be exact. Dana Tanamachi is known for her special skill in custom chalk lettering. This is one for the purists again. It’s an awesome mix of old and new, but I have too say that here the old school wins by a fair margin.

Check out these time lapse videos to get a better understanding of what this little lady does. Enjoy.

Nagging Doubt “The Pull” from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Ace Hotel Room 1021 from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

The By & By from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Video Thursday No.5

In this week’s video post we feature, yet again, the talents of Louis Minnaar. This time its for the new Bittereinder video - Slechte Mensen (feat. Tim Beumers). This video is one big visaul smack in the kisser. High intensity editing combined with the Bittereinder beat brigade makes it our favorite video for this week.

Here it is!

Oh yes, while we’re on the subject of Louis Minnaar look at this.

Video Thursday No.4

Today we feature the music video for the Pretoria based Folk outfit Fulka entitled, Dancing In Our Darkest Days. Directed by Louis Minnaar, a favorite here at Social Contract, the video fuses perfectly with the music.

Here’s an extract of Fulka’s bio that really captures the essence of their music - “Fulka’s drawcard lies in their clever merging of electronica and folk, making not only the often intimidating aural landscape of electronica palatable to listeners, but using it to showcase the complexity inherent to the seeming simplicity of the folk genre”. Well put indeed.

Sit back and enjoy Fulka - Dancing In Our Darkest Days.

Video Thursday No.3

Today we feature a video for all the purists out there. It’s a cool video about the art of letterpress printing. The video was made by Naomi Ross from New York City. What can we say except for we love this!

Just watch and learn.

Letterpress from Naomie Ross on Vimeo.

Video Thursday No.2

This week we’re keeping it local with the guys from Am I Collective. If you don’t know them by now check ‘em out. They do some kick ass work all over the globe. They’ve done work for the likes of Nike, Pepsi, Fokofpolisiekar, Fifa and X Games USA to name but a few.

Today we’re featuring two of their animation videos. The first is a stopframe based viral video for the launch of the latest Converse campaign entitled Block Party. The video takes an interesting spin on 8-bit graphics in a modern context. The second video is a character design and animation for Red Bull world break dancing championships. It’s smooth motion mixed with hand drawn landscapes creates a visual treatment that really excites the brain.

Here they are. Enjoy.

Video Thursday No.1

This is an amazing video created by an agency called Devin. They are a motion and interactive studio based in Barcelona. The sound design was done by Marcelo Baldin. He’s a musician, sound designer and art director based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This is a short rationale about the video.

Titled “Beyond Surface” the aim was to deepen in the thoughts and processes of the artists invited to the conference, or in other words, to go “beyond” them.

Opening titles are strongly Type based and we used monogram designs by Alex Trochut to represent each of the artists in order to go beyond them. Our most important technical goal was the imperceptible integration of both CGI and real footage”.

Enjoy and share this.

Adam Hill Studio Visit

We are very proud to bring you our first studio visit, and the first of many in the near future.

You have seen many of Adam Hill‘s awesome posters on this blog and the international design and poster blogs love him too. Regular features on sites like graphic-exchange and flyer goodness makes him a local design hero in our books, and him being so humble about his work makes it all the more worthwhile.

We had a chat with him at the studio he shares with Emma Cook, Jordan Metcalf and Daniel Ting Chong at the Woodstock Industrial Center, he showed us around and here we present him to you.

Adam Hill Studio Visit from Social Contract on Vimeo.

Video shot and edited by Gerald Van Wyk and Chris Slabber.
You can follow him on twitter at : @adamhillspeaks or
check his portfolio of work on Flickr

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite gig poster work by Adam.

Verb Activist Tribute Series screenprints

We found this video from the Verb website giving you some more insight on the printing process behind their Activist Tribute Series. #1 features Nelson Mandela in the the style of Shepard Fairey and it was hand screenprinted by I Love Screenprinting.

By now you should know that we get excited by screenprinting, and so should you.

Adam Hill x I Love Screenprinting

This blog would be worthless without this little gem of a video. Adam Hill’s poster for The Sleepers and Anaphys’s Haloween gig was featured last week. This is how it was printed. Don’t you just love screenprinting?

I Love Screenprinting silkscreen printed the poster.

Adam Hill x I Love Screenprinting from I Love Screenprinting on Vimeo.

Find more from Adam here
and more from I Love Screenprinting here