Matthew Loots, Adele Van Heerden and Franco Fernandes for The Assembly

Matthew Loots set the mood for Discotheque with DJ Invizable and friends. Adele Van Heerden and Franco Frenandes put together the second poster for Summer Seance with a ridiculous lineup including some of my favourites Yes Sir! Mister Machine and Bateleur.

Simon Pocock for Bateleur ‘Cargo Cults” EP launch

Bateleur is doing a quick tour in support of their new EP ‘Cargo Cults’. Catch them at Zula in Cape Town, Silverton Rock Shack in Pretoria and Kitchener’s in Joburg.

The poster by Simon Pocock is pretty rad, and has the wooden disc that houses the EP on it.

I have never seen a release this spectacular before. There will be 20 limited edition, vinyl sized disks designed by Bison, Stuart Ziegler, Givan Lotz, Sebastian Borchenhagen and Dale Lawrence. They will be auctioned off pretty soon, but the smaller pocket sized EP disc will be on sale on all of these nights. That is something special.

Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud for Jack White ‘Triple Decker Poster’

This is too cool, although I don’t know how you would display it. Framing it, you would lose the playful effect and bottom level details but with only 75 made I won’t leave it laying around for people to play with.

This is obviously not South African but I could not let it slide by without showing you the process video, but please go to this website to slide the posters over each other and get the full effect.

The bottom black poster is etched out of wood and then letterpressed, the second white layer and the final blue layer is lasercut and together they create this poster. Awesome. documentary

Nice work by on the three part documentary discussing the state of the music scene in SA. Hopefully some eyes are opened to the opportunities that exists within music and the dedication it takes to make something happen.

If you are a band and have not yet signed up on the website, be sure to do so. Their Mxit gig guide is creating a major buzz and the smartphone app is not too far away I hear.

Tallest Man On Earth SA Tour

My head is spinning like crazy, because the guys at Your Friends is bringing The Tallest Man On Earth to South Africa. He will play two shows, Cape Town CTICC on February 10th and Joburg at the Jo’burg Theatre on the 11th Feb 2012.

Tickets for CT can be bought here and Joburg here

Poster by Haasbroek

And here are some of my favourite posters from his last tour.

Aesthetic Apperatus

[Heads of State}

Nate Duval

Silent Giants

Small Stakes

Status Serigraph

Band of Skulls to play Rocking the Daisies

It has just been announced that Band of Skulls will headline Rocking the Daisies. We can’t be happier.

To celebrate, here’s their video for Fires.

See you at Daisies!