Mine by The Sleepers

The latest video for The Sleepers leaves me with very few words, so I won’t even bother. Craig Ferguson photographed, edited, produced and directed this gem and obviously the music by The Sleepers.

Well done guys!

SLEEPERS-MINE-HD from Craig Ferguson on Vimeo.

Ian Jepson for Yoh!, The Assembly and It Came From The Jungle

Ian Jepson fest. I really don’t have to say much more.

Annika de Korte for #SexBoozeRockNRoll

Check this rad set of posters by Annika for #SexBoozeRockNRoll. Here’s the link for the Facebook event.

Simon Berndt for Night Beats South African Tour

Simon Berndt designed the poster for Night Beats tour to South Africa presented by Vans and Psych Night.

Simon Berndt for Night Beats South African Tour

Chris Slabber and Adriaan Louw for Haezer - Gold Plated Frequencies

Haezer just released his latest EP called Gold Plated Frequencies. Adriaan Louw took the photos and Chris Slabber did all the post-production, and the end result is pretty amazing. You can buy the album here