Adam Hill for Rock and Ink 2

Adam Hill has me running up the walls again with his latest poster for Rock and Ink 2 happening at Mercury Live on Friday the 1st of Novemeber with Andy Lund & the Mission Men, Mean Black Mumba and Coal.

Rouleaux van der Merwe for That Analog Feeling - We Own the Night

Are you ready for some vinyl spinning Rock and Roll? Rouleaux van der Merwe kicks this thing into gear.

Louis Minnaar for Minnaar ‘Shadow of the Earth’ video launch

Louis Minnaar made this poster for the MTV launch of Shadow of the Earth, the new single from his band called Minnaar. Their Ep’s can be downloaded at

Ian Jepson for Rocking the Daisies Afterparty

Ian Jepson and the anticipated launch of new band on the block Kingdom.

Ben Rausch for The Plastics - White Rabbit Tour

Ben Rausch and alien rabbits with hoverboards. Awesome.



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