Graeme Gauld for The Birdhouse

Loved the work by Graeme Gauld.

Colwyn Thomas for Gary Thomas at The Waiting Room

Such a rad poster by Colwyn Thomas.

Ian Jepson for YOH! Unsolved Mysteries

These YOH! parties are getting out of hand and the artwork by Ian Jepson is pretty cool!

Marchand for AKing at Rumours

Merwe Marchand Le Roux‘s latest poster for aKing in true Marchand style, complete with flying skeletons and fighter jets.

Mine by The Sleepers

The latest video for The Sleepers leaves me with very few words, so I won’t even bother. Craig Ferguson photographed, edited, produced and directed this gem and obviously the music by The Sleepers.

Well done guys!

SLEEPERS-MINE-HD from Craig Ferguson on Vimeo.