Michael Dos Ramos for GirlFawkes

Michael Dos Ramos with his version of Guyfawkes

BrentBlack Studios for Park Acoustics October

BrentBlack Studios for the latest Park Acoustics coming up this Sunday with Yo Grapes, Captain Stu, Napalma, Vana & the Oh So Serious and Albert Frost.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 17

The latest Bruno Morphet poster for Fiction.

Dustin Holmes for Strage - WildernessKing - Past Haunts

Dustin Holmes with the best poster of the year I think. I wish this was screen printed.

Jean Lombard for City of Heroes

Jean Lombard with another impressive poster for City of Heroes, Captain Stu and Shout Hey!

Luke Godfrey for Juke Royal

Luke Godfrey uses nice clean colour and text for the Juke Royal gig poster with Matthew Mole and Al Bairre.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 16

Bruno Morphet dishes out the goodness.

Marie Van Rooyen for Stoker

Clean poster by Marie Van Rooyen for Stoker playing an unplugged session at The Shack. Be there.

Franci Lawlor for Eyes Like Mirrors

Franci Lawler for Eyes Like Mirrors. Crowdsourcing without the internet, old school style.

Johann ‘Witbrood’ Botha for YOH! Early Halloween

Johann ‘Witbrood’ Botha for the next YOH! party this weekend.

Andrew Ringrose for Discotheque 12/10

Glad to see Andrew Ringrose on the blog again.

Zayn Opperman for Tomorrow Never Happened

Zayn Opperman made this pretty poster for Tomorrow Never Happened.

Gigposter for Desmond and The Tutus

Loving this poster for Desmond & the Tutus. Cats and lazerbeams is a winning combo.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 15

The Latest work by Bruno Morphet, I love this series so much.

Michael dos Ramos for Uber Cool and It Came From The Jungle

You will certainly be able to spot Michael dos Ramos as the designer. The colours and illustration is trademark stuff.

Hanno van Zyl for Discotheque and Van Coke Kartel

Two nice posters by Hanno van Zyl this week. Are you ready for Rocking The Daisies yet?

Graeme Arendse for NETSAYI and Black Pressure

Graeme Arendse made this unusual but beautiful poster for the upcoming gig with NETSAYI and Black Pressure.