Hylton Warburton T-shirt for Zebra and Giraffe

Just saw this beautiful T-shirt Hylton Warburton designed for Zebra and Giraffe to accompany the new album “The Wisest Ones”.

Michael dos Ramos for Uber Cool with Sedge Warbler

Typical of Michael dos Ramos we are blasted with colour, superheroes and cool illustration.

Andre Pereira for Holiday Murray at Arcade Empire

Lekker poster by Andre Pereira.

Kent Andreasen for Al Bairre, The Dollfins, LAVI and The Oxygen Thieves

Kent Andreasen‘s poster for tonights show.

Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder and The Frown

Bittereinder and The Frown designed by Louis Minnaar. I might start crying. Why is this in Pretoria and why can I not teleport yet?

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays feat Hot since 82

Take a guess at who this pretty lady could be. Another Bruno Morphet poster.

Marchand for aKing at Blizzards

Marchand plays with shapes for the new aKing poster. Pretty stylish.

Simon Berndt for Psych Night and Sabretooth

Simon Berndt is at it once again with two rad posters this week. Need we say any more?

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth Free Edition

The Untamed Youth logo has travelled quite a bit this season thanks to Jaco Haasbroek. Also, this weeks UY is free.

Win tickets to the AVA Launch at The Assembly

This saturday sees the launch of AVA (Audio Visual Alchemy) at The Assembly with a lineup that will drop your jaw, and a promised sensory overload.

Make any prediction of how this night will end up in the comment section and you could win one of two sets of double tickets. Go ahead and tell your friends.

Jade Klara for The Dead Red Mafia Tour

The first time we get to feature Jade Klara on this blog, and she ripped out these awesome gig posters for the Dead Red Mafia tour.

Adam Hill for Verona Walls, The Sleepers and The Lottery Tickets

The new Adam Hill poster. He probably needs no introduction but you can view the video interview we made quite a while ago here.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 8

The latest Fiction Fridays poster by Bruno Morphet. Guess the character?

Andrew Ringrose for Doplo on ZAfari Tour

Andrew Ringrose is getting some attention today with his awesome poster for the Diplo tour.

Toby2Shoes for Les Doigts de l’Homme

Beanstalk is at it again. Their latest event brings Les Doigts de l’Homme to our shores and if you have ever been to one of these events you know that you can’t miss it.

Johann Botha for Yoh!

You should be here.

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth Jozi

Jaco Haasbroek plays with his money to impress Great Dane.