The Home Movie Factory in Johannesburg

The Home Movie Factory is coming to South Africa and you are asked to Swede your favourite movie for the next Rebel Alliance.

If you have loved ‘Be Kind Rewind’ I am sure you would love to get involved in the art of Sweding your own movie, and then have it screened at the next Rebel Alliance. How super awesome. Here is Ben’s invite to get involved.

And if these posters aren’t enough to get you going, the poster for ‘Rebel Alliance: Need For Swede’ is below. Please check out the event here for detailed instructions and more info.

Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder and Yesterday’s Pupil

How would you like some Louis Minnaar in the afternoon? Thought so.

Jean lombard for City of Heroes

Jean Lombard works some magic with his latest poster.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays and Toy Toy

The man is unstoppable. Bruno Morphet is churning out more posters than anyone locally at the moment.

Matthew Pullen for Rated R

Another great poster by Matthew Pullen for what is set to be a great gig.

Sons of Settlers music video plus ‘behind the scenes’ shoot

Behind the scenes shoot by below.

Mary-Anne Hampton for Dear Reader

Very pretty poster by Mary-Anne Hampton for the upcoming Dear Reader tour. They are playing every major city in South Africa so try and get to one of the shows.

Hanno Van Zyl for Discotheque with Enough Weapons

Just saw this little gem on the interweb by Hanno van Zyl and had to share it before we start our weekend.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 6

Bruno Morphet again, he is consistant. Call him up sometime.

Andre Pereira for Newtown Knife Gang

MK Studio 1 Ruk die Kaap

MK is doing a little tour in Cape Town and it would be worth your while popping in to one of the shows they are hosting. They will be recording the live shows from the various locations, so get yourself on TV.

Hanno Van Zyl made the Beautiful Sons of Settlers poster, and the second poster is just to keep you up to date with the rest of the events up MK’s sleeves.

Stathi Kougianos for GM Tronica

It is clear that Stathi Kougianos is back in action.

Franco Fernandes for Yes Sir! Mister Machine

The posters for Yes Sir! Mister Machine always blows my mind. Consistently cool no matter who designs the flyer.

This time around we have Franco Fernandes taking hold of design and doing another great job of it. If you haven’t yet seen the music video for Cold Rush Song yet, watch it here. Otherwise we will see you in the pit?

Michael dos Ramos for Zombie Apocalypse

The latest gory poster by Michael dos Ramos for Uber Cool Events. What else do you do on Friday the 13th?

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays, Toy Toy and Peroxide

Massive Bruno Morphet post today. Hope you enjoy.

Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder at Vryfees

Everybody reading/looking through this blog knows I am a huge Bittereinder fan. They just released this trailer for the new album dropping pretty soon and I am going to explode with excitement.

For those of you in Bloemfontein this weekend, get ready. Bittereinder will be playing at the Vryfees. Louis Minnaar worked his magic on both the flyer below and teaser video above.

Merwe Marchand le Roux for Van Coke Kartel Winter Tour

Marchand once again works his magic for Van Coke Kartel as they settle into their winter tour. They will play all the big venues including a free show at the new Arcade Empire.

Simon Berndt for The Stella’s Live Charge tour

Simon Berndt (One Horse Town) worked on the Live Charge album from The Stella’s and it really looks good. Catch them on the tour, they will be in Durban this weekend. Hopefully we will have some pics of the album artwork soon.

Baden Moir for Music Without Borders

Baden Moir made this disturbing but super awesome poster for Music Without Borders and Beast is playing, together with The Pits and Kombat Fudge. It is definitely worth checking out.

Craig Wilson for Dans, Dance Englikaans

Poster by Graig Wilson from Easthouse Design.

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth Fiction 3 July

Another Haasbroek Untamed Youth poster, Fiction tonight.

Jaco Haasbrok for Untamed Youth Jozi 6 July

It’s pretty cold and it looks like Jaco Haasbroek knitted a blanket for you Jozi folk. Join in the Untamed Youth fun at Great Dane.