Rouleaux van der Merwe for Ram Jam 8

Are you ready for another Ram Jam party?

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 4

Here is a larger image of the Fiction Fridays poster no 4 by Bruno Morphet. It forms part of the #FictionIcons range and they are giving away the whole set. See details for the competition here.

Baden Moir for Body and Soul

Another epic poster by Baden Moir showing the great contrast of the African landscapes, elephants and skylines. Awesome.

Win 4xA2 prints and double tickets to #FictionIcon

These #FictionIcon posters by Bruno Morphet we have been posting the last few weeks had a lot of people talking, and Fiction decided to be so kind and give the set away as full colour A2 posters.

Here is how:

1) All you have to do is to get these on your wall, and double tickets to the event this Friday, is tell us why they would look awesome in your flat/house/dogbox in the comment box below, or….

2) If you want you can even tweet by clicking on the button below.

Whichever works for you.

Marchand for Acoustic Trio vir Charity

Marchand again. This gig is a charity event raising funds for the JAG Foundation, which in turn will contribute to entry for two hopeful Cape Epic cyclists. Rather them than me.

Merwe Marchand le Roux for Jack Parow and P.H. Fat

BrentBlack Studios for Park Acoustics 24 June

Baden Moir for Live Evil 2

Loving this poster by Baden Moir. Each ‘issue’ will be a comic book cover featuring the artists. Wow.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 3

Bruno Morphet again, and I bet you can’t guess the icon in this poster. If you can i’m guessing you are old like me.

Collective Suburbia for The Perfect Circle

Andre Pereira for Beast at Arcade Empire

Very cool and exposed poster by Andre Pereira for Beast. Loving the margins and the neat type.

Karl Schuschenk for Yes Sir! Mister Machine and Beach Party

This is what I’m looking forward to most this week. What might be the weirdest but funnest lineup I have seen in a while.

Karl Schulschenk should be blamed for the super rad pixel poster.

Andre Pereira for Zebra and Giraffe at Arcade Empire

Another gig poster by Andre Pereira and I am loving the pace at which he is pushing out posters at the moment.

Simon Pocock for Bateleur ‘Cargo Cults” EP launch

Bateleur is doing a quick tour in support of their new EP ‘Cargo Cults’. Catch them at Zula in Cape Town, Silverton Rock Shack in Pretoria and Kitchener’s in Joburg.

The poster by Simon Pocock is pretty rad, and has the wooden disc that houses the EP on it.

I have never seen a release this spectacular before. There will be 20 limited edition, vinyl sized disks designed by Bison, Stuart Ziegler, Givan Lotz, Sebastian Borchenhagen and Dale Lawrence. They will be auctioned off pretty soon, but the smaller pocket sized EP disc will be on sale on all of these nights. That is something special.

Peachfish for Bohemian Tea Party

Lovely poster from Peachfish for what looks like a mighty fine Sunday gig. Make sure to attend this one.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Fridays 2

Second poster in the latest series of Fiction Friday posters by Bruno Morphet.

Gerhard Human ‘Inanimate Object’ exhibition

Inanimate Object is the latest exhibition of illustrations by Gerhard Human, hosted by Searle Street Post in Woodstock and Masters and Savant.

I just love this poster. The illustrations will be printed on archival paper and presented as limited editions of only 30.

As always click the poster to go to the facebook event.

Doktrine for Town Hall’s 2nd Birthday Party

Can you believe it? Town Hall is turning two already, and they want you to celebrate. Doktrine made this zany poster and Marchand is responsible for the Town Hall logo (the top hat) worked into this.

Ree Treweek and Thea Nicole De Klerk for The Flying Needle Project

I stumbled onto this beautiful poster last week and was blown away with the illustration and work that went into this. The illustration was done by Ree Treweek and the typography by Thea Nicole De Klerk. The benefit gig for Flying Needle Project at Mercury is bound to be a hit, and you are supporting a good cause.

Yes Sir! Mister Machine - Cold Rush Song video

One of my favourite bands in Cape Town, Yes Sir! Mister Machine, just released the music video for ‘Cold Rush Song’ and I can’t help but feel left out.

On the 28th of April 2012, a group of creatives came together to make a stand against not only the stagnation of their own tiny underground in a city at the bottom of Africa, but also as a reminder that a little passion can go a long way. This music video documents that experience.

I should be in that video too. I feel the same way. I thought…. Ok, I’ll stop now.

The poster for the Opposites Attract gig with Beach Party is going up on the blog soon, so make sure to check back in. Also their 3 song EP is available for free here.

Bruno Morphet for Fiction Icons Poster Series 1

This is rather exciting. Bruno Morphet released the first of a the Fiction Icons poster series.

The series will include characters from fiction and popular culture. The fun bit would be to identify the character, which could potentially be quite tricky, depending on which era you grew up in. Eventually these will be released as limited edition prints.

This one should not be too difficult, who will guess it first?

Now for my little rant. Why do we not see more of these initiatives? Clubs and artists all realise that an eye catching poster draws attention to the event, but for some reason most bands and clubs do not put any effort into it. There were times when I went to a gig solely because of the poster, and I am certainly not the only one. I do realise that it costs money to pay a designer to make the poster for you, but without marketing your event no one will pitch anyway, so drop the few hundred that most willing designers ask. There is a whole list of them to your right, and I put them there for a reason. Use it.

I have so much respect for the clubs, bands, DJ’s and designers who spend money and time on these beautiful pieces of art. So much so that I spend many hours on the internet searching for the next awesome gig poster to feature. Some weeks it is hard to find more than 3 decent posters in the whole country. It seems crazy but true.

Make me happy please. In turn it might change your next events turnout. Who knows?

Christi du Toit for RubaDub at Mercury

Andre Pereira for Wrestlerish at Arcade Empire

Andrew Ringrose for Discotheque: SFR, Mix n Blend

It’s Andrew Ringrose! Clean, pretty and awesome.

Gary Thomas, Benguela and Sannie Fox at Kimberley

Gary Thomas is the man behind the pen, and we have come to expect these posters from him.

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth 5/06

Mr Haasbroek again. Untamed Youth Again.