Bruno Morphet for Joseph Capriati and Killer Robot

Michael Dos Ramos for Uber Cool 3rd Birthday

Michael dos Ramos blows us away again. Awesome colour and style.

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth 29/05

Your guess would be correct if it was Jaco Haasbroek.

Ben Rausch for Rebel Alliance 7

Ben Rausch still has an unhealthy obsession with animals it seems.

Andre Pereira for The Plastics at Arcade Empire

Better late than never, here is the poster for the show tonight. Also make sure to go see Andre Pereira’s brand new website, it’s fresh.

Mary-Anne Hampton for Cake or Death

It has been a while, but luckily for us Mary-Anne Hampton made this poster for Cake or Death with the Anti Retro Vinyls playing on the night.

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth - Plug in

Chloe Coetsee for Desmond and the Tutus - Tattoo

One of our favourite bands in South Africa just released their music video for Tattoo, from the soon to be released album MNUSIC. Directed by Chloe Coetsee, and already splashed all over the interweb, we thought we might as well drop it here.

Anthea Duce for Discotheque and Step Up presents D3ADL1NE & Jonny Miller

We love this colourful poster by Anthea Duce for the upcoming Step Up 4th birthday celebration at The Assembly. Together with Discotheque the night will feature D3ADL1NE & Jonny Miller from the UK.

Jonny Miller made this mix to get you in the mood.

Adam Hill for The Sleepers, Wild Eastern Arches and Black Moscow

Are you ready for The Psychedelic Sounds of The Sleepers, Black Moscow & Wild Eastern Arches at Mercury tonight. And an Adam Hill poster to top it all off.

Anthea Duce for #FOMO

Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud for Jack White ‘Triple Decker Poster’

This is too cool, although I don’t know how you would display it. Framing it, you would lose the playful effect and bottom level details but with only 75 made I won’t leave it laying around for people to play with.

This is obviously not South African but I could not let it slide by without showing you the process video, but please go to this website to slide the posters over each other and get the full effect.

The bottom black poster is etched out of wood and then letterpressed, the second white layer and the final blue layer is lasercut and together they create this poster. Awesome.

Andre Pereira for Rambling Bones and Tumi

Jaco Haasbroek for ‘Keeps You Warm’ at Fiction

Gary Thomas at The Waiting Room

Another clean and beautiful poster for Gary Thomas, this time by Gary himself.

Simon Wilson for Discotheque at The Assembly 11/05

Christi du Toit for RubaDub 13/05

Bruno Morphet for Peroxide at Fiction

Latest poster by Bruno Morphet.

Jaco Haasbroek for ‘Get Loose’ at Fiction

BrentBlack Studios for Park Acoustics

Good work again by BrentBlack Studios and a very good gig to attend by the looks of the lineup. documentary

Nice work by on the three part documentary discussing the state of the music scene in SA. Hopefully some eyes are opened to the opportunities that exists within music and the dedication it takes to make something happen.

If you are a band and have not yet signed up on the website, be sure to do so. Their Mxit gig guide is creating a major buzz and the smartphone app is not too far away I hear.

Michael Tymbios for Lua Union / The Lottery Tickets

This poster may fall in my top 10 posters ever. Good work Michael Tymbios.

Owen Ingarfield for Woodstock Mafia at &Union

Owen Ingarfield with a nice type poster.