Doktrine for Forget About Friday 26/04

Another Thursday, another Doktrine gig poster. Loving it.

Chris Slabber for We Set Sail / Closet Snare at The Assembly

Our very own Chris Slabber should do more gig posters, so when he does I smile from ear to ear.

Andre Pereira for Jessie Presto at Arcade Empire

Andre Periera sent me this beautiful poster he made for Arcade Empire. This is when you wish posters are screen printed and sold, so you can hang it on your walls.

Ben Rausch for Rebel Alliance 6

Time for the next Rebel Alliance with The Make Overs and Green Is For Turbo at The Bioscope.

Simon Pocock and Cassandra Johnson for Christian Tiger School

Simon Pocock and Cassandra Johnson made this awesome looking gig poster for Cape Town’s Christian Tiger School playing in Joburgh tonight.

Jaco Haasbroek for Zombie Nation at Fiction

Are you ready for Zombie Nation? Love this gig poster.

Warwick Rautenbach for Third World War

Great gig poster for Third World War featuring Cable Stealing Gypsies, Dead Alphabet and The Black Cat Bones, by Warwick Rautenbach.

Jean Lombard for City of Heroes with Winterstasie

Andrew Ringrose for Discotheque 20/04

Another Andrew Ringrose gig poster, once again for Discotheque.

Doktrine for Forget About Friday 19/04

Quite a busy week again, so keep an eye out. Doktrine loves a party, especially if it’s on a Thursday at Arcade Empire.

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth - Decisions Decisions

Another Tuesday night at Fiction, and Jaco Haasbroek asks you to make some choices.

Taxi Violence - Unholy by Jason Fialkov of Egg Films

The new music video for Taxi Violence is causing quite a stir, and rightfully so.

The video for “Unholy” from their recently released acoustic album “Unplugged: Long Way From Home” features the lovely Tanit Phoenix, and was directed by Jason Fialkov of Egg Films and edited by Lucian Barnard of Aces Up Post Production.

Good work all involved.

Graham Kennedy for #unlucky Discotheque

Discotheque presents #unlucky tonight, and the lineup is crazy, and Graham Kennedy made the poster so pull in.

Michael Dos Ramos for Nightmare On Clark Road

Michael Dos Ramos was busy this past few weeks with a few great gig posters, and here’s another one.

Ben Rausch for Eyes Like Mirrors

Ben Rausch made this trippy poster for Through The Looking Glass happening tonight. Great bands, art exhibition, live painting and more.

Simon Berndt for The Great Apes at The Assembly

I know you have seen this poster a lot these days, but a different colourway and a huge gig deserves another mention. The Apes must be pretty tight after their tour and Splashy Fen main stage performance, so pop in tonight.

Matthew Pullen for Nightmare on Long Street

A few good bands in a small venue has never looked this good.

Doktrine for Forget About Friday 12/04

Doktrine is always busy, and the work is always good.

Christi Du Toit for RubaDub 14/04

Christi du Toit (Crunch Art) works with RubaDub once again, this time being their second birthday. A double sided flyer with really fun illustration grabs my attention.

Jaco Haasbroek for Untamed Youth 10/04

The Untamed Youth parties at Fiction has started and that means weekly awesome work from Jaco Haasbroek. Here’s the first one.

Andre Pereira for Kaktus Op Die Vlaktus (KKNK)

If you are hanging around the KKNK at Oudshoorn, you might wanna pull into this gig. Andre Pereira made sure it gets noticed.

Michael Dos Ramos for Dance Valley at Splashy Fen

Wish we could be at Splashy Fen this year, but at least we have this cool poster by Michael dos Ramos for the Dance Valley at Splashy.

Graham Kennedy for Gazelle / Moving House at The Assembly

So what are you doing on Thursday night? You should not be staying in bed at home.
Graham Kennedy worked his poster magic on this one.

The River by Louis Minnaar and Maaike Bakker

The River is opening tonight at Salon91 in Kloof Street, Cape Town. A collaborative visual narrative by Louis Minnaar and Maaike Bakker, with words by Jaco Van Der Merwe. Sounds epic.

Jarryd Kin for Dukes Burgers Rock Menu

Jarryd Kin added these two “posters’ to the Dukes Burgers Rock Menu featured here a while back. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Simon Berndt for The Great Apes tour poster

If you felt like following these guys around the country, now is your chance. Artwork by Simon Berndt.