Eaton Crous for Homegrown

Time for another homegrown and another poster by Eaton Crous.

Lark - Stole The Moon

Directed by Dave Meinert, the new Lark video, Stole The Moon, is another masterpiece. It seems that anything this band touches turns to gold. Inge Beckmann, lead singer, had to learn the song backwards - As if the song it self isn’t crazy enough. As always we keep it short here on Social Contract and let the work of the artists featured speak for itself. So a last big up to director Dave Meinert and his team for putting this together and congrats to Lark on another epic track. Here it is.

Mike Zeitsman for P.H.Fat and Hanno Van Zyl for Lark at The Assembly

Two awesome nights at The Assembly this weekend, first up Mike Zietsman’s poster for P.H.Fat at Discotheque and then Hanno Van Zyl for Lark with The Great Apes on Saturday.

BrentBlack Studios for Park Acoustics

BrentBlack Studios made this pretty thing for the Park Acoustics gig happening this Saturday.

wwwiT Februarie for We Like Bass

wwwiT Februarie made this interesting poster for the We Like Bass party happening over the weekend. Pop in.

Doktrine for Forget About Friday 23 Feb

This weeks poster by Doktrine for Arcade Empire.

Adam Hill for The Sleepers and Wolftown

Adam Hill made this cool poster for The Sleepers, steering clear of the usual clean open spaces.

Michael Dos Ramos for It Came From The Jungle / Uber Cool

Michael Dos Ramos created this intense comic book cover as the poster for It Came From The Jungle. Looks so rad, and would love to see more of this type of work.

Andre Pereira for Arcade Empire

Get ready for a great night with some of the best afrikaans bands around, and a cool poster by Andre Pereira too.

Adam Hill for Rock ‘n Ink presented by Wildfire Tattoos and Sailor Jerry

Adam Hill once again, this time for Wildfire and Sailor Jerry. The gig is set to be a winner considering all the previous Sailor Jerrry organised events

The second poster has been printed on A2 art paper in a very limited run, I would try and get my hands on a copy. Check out the facebook event for more info by clicking the posters.

Brett Jones for Scarlet Hill

I recently saw the images of the new Scarlet Hill EP titled “What” released late-ish last year and you can see Brett Jones‘ handprints all over this.

We asked Brett to tell us a bit more about the brief and process, and he had this to say:

Well basically the guys from Scarlet Hill approached me to design their EP and wanted something bold and different but at the same time pretty catchy, which represented something of their musical style as a band. They gave me full license to design how I wanted, which was honestly the raddest “gift”.

Being the first CD I designed, I scanned over a few CD covers I liked and kinda anaylised why I liked them and such. I loved the Tame Impala covers, that whole trippy-recurring-image vibe as well as Foals’ This Orient single cover, but at also wanted to keep my personal style. So with that in mind, I started messing around with some idea’s and after about a month-or-so of design and discussion with the Scarlet Hill guys, we settled on the cover.

I love design where each time you look at it you can spot something new or different, and that’s what I tried to achieve with the front cover. Loads of detail but at the same time trying to keep that balance. I kinda toned it down for the rest of the artwork, but overall loved working on this project, learnt tons and gained some valuable experience.”

I bet you love this? I’m gonna run out and get me a copy to see it in real life.

Luke Smith for ‘Heat City vs. Hate City’

Durban based blog ‘Durban is Yours‘ is having an event this weekend and it looks awesome. Love the poster by Luke Smith too.

Doktrine for ‘Forget About Friday’ 16 February

Chris Slabber for We Set Sail

Very nice poster by Chris Slabber (our creative force) made for We Set Sail’s upcoming release. How awesome?

Ben Rausch for Eyes Like Mirrors

Ben Rausch takes band names a bit too literally, but we sure do like the end product.

Kronk, Andrew Ringrose, Adriaan Louw and Graham Kennedy for The Assembly

Have you seen that heading? Forget about the great line-ups this week, we get the mighty Kronk with his first gig poster in about a year, Andrew Ringrose as usual on the Discotheque poster and the SYNW combo of Adriaan Louw and Graham Kennedy,

I’ll leave you to it, click the posters to go to the facebook events, and pick that jaw up from the floor please.

Little Brother by The Tallest Man on Earth at CTICC Cape Town

Just found this video on Youtube and it gave me goosebumps again. Kristian Matsson decided to grace us with a new song on the night and someone was kind enough to share the video on the web.

If you missed the gig, you really missed out in a big way. Again, thank you Your Friends for a beautiful night.

Rouleaux van der Merwe for Mister & Misread

If you are looking for a pre-Valentine’s Day event, look no further. Rouleaux van der Merwe made a wonderful minimal poster for the gig at The Waiting Room with Mister and Misread and The Red Robins.

Lisa Ting Chong for MFM Love Rush

This is a bit late to actually make the gig, but could not let this poster by Lisa Ting Chong go by.

Papercut Killer for The Yard

An epic Hip Hop party with a stellar cast blows into Zula this weekend. Great poster by Papercut Killer to get you excited.

Shane Durrant for Desmond and the Tutus

It’s been a while since we were able to feature some of Shane Durrant’s work on this blog, and we are delighted to show you these two beauties. Perfectly set type as you expect from the man.

Enjoy the gigs.

Andrew Ringrose for Discotheque

Andrew Ringrose blows us out of the water every time he rips one of these Discotheque posters. Love it.

Christi du Toit for RubaDub

Christi du Toit (Crunch Illustration & Design) made this cool illustration for the RubaDub event hapening at Mercury on Saturday, and it should be a killer.

TwoShoes for Fiddle East ‘Musique Fantastique’

Every time Fiddle East rolls out their next event, you can feel the buzz surrounding it. Once again TwoShoes Design created the poster and the lineup is looks sick.

Doktrine for Forget About Friday 9 February

The latest Forget About Friday poster by Doktrine, and the lineup is looking sick. This is the Thursday party you do not want to miss.

Colwyn Thomas for Gary Thomas at The Waiting Room

Colwyn Thomas made this beautiful illustration for his brother, Gary Thomas, playing at The Waiting Room in Long Street.

Gil Hockman for What We Are Going To Be Doing On Sunday

If you are looking for something to do on Sunday, here you go.

Ben Johnston for Just My Type

Just My Type is an Typography exhibition kicking off tonight at YoursTruly featuring work by One Horse Town, Jason De Villiers and Ben Johnston.

It should be a must for all Typeheads out there.

Doktrine for Forget About Friday 2 Feb 2011

How do you like this poster for a School Night party? Doktrine doing what they do best, awesome illustrations of crazy characters.

Eaton Crous for Homegrown 4 Feb 2011

It’s time for another Homegrown at Mercury!