Latest posters 21 December

Poster by Andrew Ringrose

Poster by Twoshoes Design

Poster by Simon Berndt

Poster by The Helix Kid

Week 12 - 18 December 2011

It is this time of the year, and I have already “lost” a few posters in the mailbox, so for the next few weeks we will post as we have a few posters and let you know. Remember to click the poster to go to the facebook event. Would that be okay?


Poster by Nathan Fourie

Poster by Christopher Bisset

Poster by Doktrine

Poster by Matthew Pullen

Weekend 9 - 11 December 2011

Poster by Riaan Botha

Poster by Justin Southey and Bruce Mackay

Poster by Jax Panik

Poster by Warwick Kay

Poster by Infestation

Poster by Luca Vincenzo

Poster by Ben Rausch

Poster by Says Who

Poster by Thomas Pepler

Poster by BrentBlack Studios

Tallest Man On Earth SA Tour

My head is spinning like crazy, because the guys at Your Friends is bringing The Tallest Man On Earth to South Africa. He will play two shows, Cape Town CTICC on February 10th and Joburg at the Jo’burg Theatre on the 11th Feb 2012.

Tickets for CT can be bought here and Joburg here

Poster by Haasbroek

And here are some of my favourite posters from his last tour.

Aesthetic Apperatus

[Heads of State}

Nate Duval

Silent Giants

Small Stakes

Status Serigraph

School Nights 5 - 8 December 2011

A quick warning, Wednesday’s post will be massive. Never have we seen so many great posters for one weekend, how you are gonna be able to attend all of them is a different story all together.

For now please enjoy this weekday special.

Poster by Warwick Kay (Red Crown Design)

Poster by Mary-Anne Hampton

Photo by Adriaan Louw, Design by Graham Kennedy