School Nights 31 Oct - 3 November 2011

Poster by Louis Minnaar

Photo by Adriaan Louw, Design by Graham Kennedy

Poster by Bilderberg Motel

Poster by Mary-Anne Hampton

Poster by Lodewyk Barkhuizen

Video Thursday No.13

This week we feature something different. Its a short film entitled Syndromes by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter. This interesting take on sci-fi also includes an awesome score and sound design. Thirteen minutes well worth watching.

SYNDROMES - a short film by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

Weekend 28 -30 October 2011

Poster by Gerhard Van Wyk

Poster by Doktrine

Poster by One Horse Town

Poster by Daniel Malan and Daniel Bradley

Poster by Louis Minnaar

Poster by Ben Rausch

Poster by Skullboy

Poster by Leon Bester

School Nights 24 - 27 Oct 2011

As we head towards Halloween weekend, with so many awesome posters and bands playing all over the country, this School Nights post is pretty empty and we are sorry about this.

Be sure to come back on Wednesday for a bumper post featuring some of the best work we have seen for a while. Truly epic.

Poster by Illustration by Cassandra Johnson, Design by Catherine Nicks

Poster by Jaco Haasbroek

Poster by Emma Cook

Video Thursday No.12

Stumbled onto this awesome process video by DKNG Studios for Expolsions In The Sky. The video starts with hand drawn artwork right through to the Photoshop editing. It is truly spectacular.

Find more of their process videos here, but don’t expect the same awesomeness.

This video was also shared by BFamiliar a few days ago. Check them out.

Weekend 21 - 23 October 2011

Poster by Andrew Ringrose

Poster by Owen Ingarfield

Poster by Andre Pereira

Poster by OKgigantic

Poster by The Assembly

Poster by Mary-Anne Hampton

School Nights 17 - 20 October 2011

Illustration by Cassandra Johnson, Design by Catherine Nicks

Poster by The Helix Kid

Poster by The Assembly, Photo by Adriaan Louw

Weekend 14 - 16 October 2011

Poster by Ben Rausch

Poster by Adam Hill

Poster by Colwyn Thomas

Poster by Skullboy

Poster by Louis Minnaar

Poster by Eaton Crous

Poster by Andrew Ringrose

School Night 10 - 13 October 2011

Poster by The Assembly, Photo by Adriaan Louw

Poster by Mary-Anne Hampton

Chris Slabber for Haezer - Yasi

Our very own Chris Slabber was asked by Haezer to design an EP cover for a new song he recently released, and this is the end result.

This is what Chris had to say about the artwork:

I was commissioned by South African based electro act Haezer to design cover art for his new 2011 release entitled YASI. The name YASI pays tribute to the hurricane that hit Australia in 2010, while Haezer was touring there. The brief was simple - come up with a way to symbolize the intensity of a hurricane in a non-literal way. Thus I thought that shoving your hand in your mouth and having your fingers come out your nose holes and eye sockets is pretty intense.

The EP can be downloaded here thanks to Griet.

Video Thursday No.11

After watching Back & Forth, the new Foo Fighters documentary I realized how much I love this band. Dave Groll is a rock & roll legend. He took the band from a tape cassette to a sold out show at Wembly Stadium in a few years - respect! So to celebrate the Foo, here is their latest video Walk from the album Wasting Light.

Weekend 7 - 9 October 2011

Poster by Louis Minnaar

Poster by Andre Pereira

Poster by Stathi Kougianos

Poster by Catch the Rabbit

School Nights 3 - 6 October 2011

Poster by Jaco Haasbroek

Poster by Louis Minnaar

Poster by The Assembly, Photo by Adriaan Louw

Poster by Louis Minnaar

Chris Valentine for Wrestlerish - Towns

10and5 jumped ahead of us to feature this album, but we thought me might as well finish what we started. Chris Valentine did a stellar job with the illustration for Wrestlerish and we think it looks amazing.

We got hold of Chris to tell us a bit about the process, how he got the job and how he feels about the work done. Here’s what he had to say:

It was through a bit of luck that I got the opportunity to work on Wrestlerish’s new album, Towns. I think it was in early July that they put up a status on Facebook to say that they were looking for a young illustrator to work with them on an exciting new project. After being told by three of my friends that morning, I jumped at the opportunity and submitted a quick illustration of the Joburg skyline (which would later become the album cover). After meeting Werner and the boys at Fratelli’s, I had a great idea of where we were headed with the artwork and got down to business.

The guys had this idea to crowd-source the artwork to fans, giving everyone the opportunity to submit photographs of the towns they grew up in. The top 5 photos would then be illustrated for the booklet’s interior artwork. Werner loved the idea of black and white illustration as it really represented the band’s simple and clean style of music, so I stuck to pencil and ink artwork with a few paint effects added in with the help of Photoshop.

Whilst waiting for the fan photos to come in, I’d started the freehand pencil portrait drawings in my own time, knowing that we had about a month to complete the artwork. Naturally it was a bit of a shock when Werner told me we now had a deadline for a week later for completion of the artwork! So due to time constraints I had to lightbox the fan photos directly in pen, completing them with paint effects in Photoshop after scanning them in. Whilst losing some of the expression of freehand drawing, I think they turned out ok in the end. Werner and I also decided on the typography we would use to compliment the artwork, deciding on the use of two different fonts; one fairly formal and the other lending itself to a handwritten, homegrown feel.

All in all I’m extremely excited by the way the album came out in print & I look forward to working with Wrestlerish again in the near future.