25 - 31 October

This week we have some super parties, with hellishly good posters, for your eyeballs to admire.
Remember that a Halloween costume is almost mandatory at most events, otherwise you will look like a pumpkin.

Please follow the links below the posters to the relevant event pages.

Voodoo Haloween Facebook event page Poster by Jacques Strauss

Sonic Sacrafice Facebook event page Poster by Adam Hill

The Sangoma’s Curse Facebook event page Poster by Andrew Ringrose

Halloween Jam Facebook event page
Poster by Clement de Bruin

Bloodbath Facebook event page

Halloween Facebook events page

Night Ministry Facebook profile page

Assembly Halloween Facebook events page Poster by Kronk

18 - 24 October 2010

Here follows this weeks awesomeness.
Click on the poster to go to the event page on facebook.
If you find any posters worth blogging about, please send them to us.

11 - 17 October 2010

We will be uploading all the best designed event posters for your viewing pleasure.
Simply click on the poster to go to the facebook event page for more info.

Be there when it happens.



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Jaco Haasbroek
Jacques Strauss
Jean Lombard
Jarryd Kin
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Merwe Marchand Le Roux
Michael Dos Ramos
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Rouleaux van der Merwe
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